Through the Looking Glass

HAPPY NEW YEAR… I guess. Apparently I haven’t written in a little while, so figured I should back on this horse. I have been keeping a memo pad with different thoughts of what I would like to write about. Today’s thought is: ” In a world of so much transparency we are so opaque. This […]

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And We’ll All Float On OK

If we are the sum of all of our experiences, that is how we are meandering, like  a river,  through this life, sometimes we take some detours before finding our destination. Being a single parent and dating has not been an exception to this rule. I have gone along now, being single the better part […]

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Dating with a purpose

I came across this article the other day entitled “This is how we date now.” This article really got me saddened to think about the way people are dating tonight. I have thought it for years, how people have too many options now a days. To me this is the main reason there is so many […]

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